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‘Wherever I go I always take my camera, to capture anything and everything that catches my eye.  Growing up with frequent caravanning trips in the New Forest, photographs were always being taken, whether it is of the landscape, the forest or sunsets. This is where my love of photography came from. I studied photography at A-level before completing my HND and Degree. 

I am most passionate about wildlife, the sky and glass ball photography capturing all the minute details within an image. I am also most inspired by the beauty of nature and photographing my surroundings.

I have had my work exhibited in Southampton and London and produced some prize winning photographs.’

Nicholas Poullis

Born 1974, Nicholas Poullis has been a professional artist since leaving the University of East Anglia gaining a BA(Hons) illustration. He is a previous Baker Tilly Award winner at the Royal Watercolour Society, where he has often shown his work. He has exhibited in a number of the London Societies including the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Sunday Times Watercolour competition and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

Nicholas is well established in the Languedoc where he has previously been an Official Painter to the Office de Tourism Val d’Hérault (2016 & 2017) and has published several popular illustrated books on the region.

In 2019 a wine, Le Peintre de Pézenas, was named after him.

Nicholas has work included in the collections of St Johns College, Cambridge University, Baker Tilly Chartered accountants, senior officers of the Royal Air Force, The Royal Automobile Club, the Office de Tourisme of Pezenas and many private collections.

Nicholas illustrated Hugh Montgomery’s award winning classic children’s book The Voyage of the Arctic Tern published by Walker books in the UK, USA and Australia. Nicholas co-authored and illustrated Contemporary Watercolors, published Walter Foster 2012.

He has been a contributing author to the leading practical art magazine, The Artist, for over fifteen years. He has co-authored for Walter Foster and Winsor & Newton on various aspects of watercolour and working from life, which is his speciality.

Nicholas moved to the Languedoc region of southern France in 2003. Since then he has held many successful exhibitions in Pezenas and the region. 

He has won a number of awards while competing in the painting in the streets art competitions.

Always painting on site has meant that he has travelled extensively throughout Europe while exploring subject matter. He produced work on the route and cyclists of the Tour de France and also on the theme of places of cultural significance across the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and southern France.

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson has lived and worked in Dorset all his life and he has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. He currently works with Nikon and Fuji digital equipment and also uses both 35mm and medium format film. Dave enjoys many genres of photography including landscape, wildlife, street, garden and travel. He specializes in fine art monochrome images but also produces lots of colour work as well. He prefers to use editing software to enhance an image rather than overwhelm it, and admires and is influenced by the many past masters of photography, including Ansel Adams, Don McCullin, David Bailey, Eve Arnold, Man Ray and Edward Weston.


Brad Ellement

Brad has been an accomplished landscape photographer around Dorset for many years producing quality work. He has exhibited his photographs around the country and tutored other photographers in the art of landscape photography.

An accomplished pilot, and a family man, his eye for detail and the ability and patience to capture the moment is clear to see in his photographs.

His preferred shooting times is through Autumn and Winter into Spring where the landscape colours give off their best and the scene changes are captured in wonderful detail.

Kazeli Art

Kazeli grew up in a small Bedfordshire village just north of London before moving to Bournemouth in Dorset at age 16. It was clear from a very young age that creative & visual arts were her absolute passion. She would often be found drawing, painting, making, sewing, writing and designing.

Over the years she ensured that creative arts were part of her everyday life wherever possible, whether that was through the artwork she did in her spare time or within her career in education, which included teaching, coaching and the management of areas such as; Art & Design, Fashion & Textiles, Visual Arts, Ceramics, Photography, Jewellery Making & Silversmithing, Interior Design, Performing Arts & Dance, Hair & Beauty and Floristry… and later through numerous consultancy design projects to re-furbish or build creative environments for the sector.

Being self-taught, she doesn’t feel governed by any prior teaching & learning or any particular theories or techniques and has always been adventurous, which has resulted in a diverse range of work. As well as creating artworks in oil, acrylic, tempera, pastel and pencil, with subject matter spanning portraits, landscapes, animals, birds and more contemporary works, she has also sold ceramic works in both the UK and France, managed other artists and carried out freelance editing for numerous web sites, books and other publications & professional scripts.

Having travelled quite widely both independently and through work, she feels that the exposure to other cultures and their unique art worlds have been highly beneficial in allowing her a deeper understanding of all the positivity, spiritual value and immense beauty that art can bring to us in life. She also feels this has strengthened her desire to dedicate herself to art in order to share this passion and hopefully evoke emotion and bring happiness to others in the work she creates.

More recently, alongside her art and commission work, she has carried out a role as ‘Premium Artist in Residence’ in Mijas, Spain, the role of Vice President for the Arts Association there since 2018, managed numerous exhibitions and has appeared in the TV programmes ‘A Place in the Sun’ for channel 4 and Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’. She has collectors in Europe, Australia, Asia and America, and works mainly from the UK with some projects carried out in Europe and Australia.

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